Celebrating the Storytellers

The 2017 Ake Arts and Book Festival is here. Founded in 2013 by Lola Shoneyin, Orange Prize-longlisted author of The Secret Lives of Baba Segi’s Wives and director of Book Buzz Foundation, the Ake Arts and Book Festival is, quite simply, the biggest annual gathering of African literary writers, founders, editors, critics, readers, everybody on… via…

Vandalising Our Mother

It was had been announced again on June 8th, 2017. Finally, there would be no more plastic choking my mother. Or, atleast, that is what we were told. This was not the first time it would be announced, and I am not entirely certain it would be the last.

Reclaiming the Roots

Hi. So, I have been wondering how I am going to write this thing…this introduction. Yes, I know, this is probably not what you are used to seeing from me…I am actually introducing a new section on here about the Luo people and our history and customs…. Sort of like solidifying what I am learning…

Dreaming of a Sleeping Bag

I don’t know how this is happening. Or when this started. All I remember about last night was crying into my lonely little pillow because I felt so alone. Passing out because I had had too much weed and it made me sleepy. And then there was a cold in my face I could not…

My Muse

Damn this mess. I know I should be writing. I know I should always be writing. But sometimes Facebook has a stranglehold on my imagination, grabbing her in all the wrong directions, inching her further away from me.