Vandalising Our Mother

It was had been announced again on June 8th, 2017. Finally, there would be no more plastic choking my mother. Or, atleast, that is what we were told. This was not the first time it would be announced, and I am not entirely certain it would be the last. Ten years ago, there had already been a ban announcement on plastics, a case made for the plight of my mother. But no one listened. And so, mama continued to die slowly with each piece of rubbish we threw into her mouth, sometimes sowing the rubbish underneath her skin to hide away any appearance of pain. Poor mama. I wish I could explain to her why we are so hard headed. But even I do not know.

The ban was to take effect on the 28th of August, to maybe start the sterilization process. We could help her start to heal from the wounds we gave her every time we needed to dig for her treasures buried deep within her. Or the surgery we performed with our distasteful cosmetics, littering her skin with unwanted blisters and open sores. Yes, we are making a change, some progress. But is it enough?

We are still allowed to use plastics to wrap our waste in. No company has made a drastic change in the way they package their goods. And yet, here we are, patting ourselves on the back for stopping the use of less than half of our total plastic use. Jokes are circulating about the new rules, companies starting for eco friendly packaging. I applaud you. But this is only half of an applause. Mum is crying, and bitterly on the floor, and her tears are about to cease. Her children have died off in the thousands because of us, the errant misbehaved black sheep. And she is at the point of turning from tears to anger…. Emotions boiling over into unbridled rage. So be happy in the progress. But remember, we still have work to do.

From Jagombaka with love


3 thoughts on “Vandalising Our Mother

  1. I have been touched by this one ,how i wish i had read this post earlier and gotten the inspirations within..😅


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