Reclaiming the Roots

Hi. So, I have been wondering how I am going to write this thing…this introduction. Yes, I know, this is probably not what you are used to seeing from me…I am actually introducing a new section on here about the Luo people and our history and customs…. Sort of like solidifying what I am learning as I go along. I am not proud to say I am a born tao, but, that is what I am, so. *shrugs* This child is tryna fix that!

Anywho…. So what have I learned so far? Well… first, we have a bunch of traditions that people from other cultures would not understand. Like the whole party during a funeral thing. Most people would mourn in sadness and solemnness and all of that (To be fair, we do that too. Heck, we do it so good we’ve actually got professional mourners.) But, the night of the burial there must be a party. A royally large party because we believe everyone needs a good send off, and that life must be celebrated for having been, just as much as it will be missed.

Ooooh, and then there is the intergration of sex everywhere. Before harvest, one night during the whole (it depends on the family, but that could easily take up to a whole week) funeral process (I think there is supposed to be an order to these things, like the eldest couple first, or some such thing? I’mma find out.) No shaming though, by the way. It’s really just the way of life.

And then, there is this thing about war, fights, whatever. So long as there is some kind of brawl, it rarely gets too serious. There is a longstanding belief that murder will get you haunted. And worse yet, you and your family just might be visited by a bunch of curses from aforementioned ghost. Not worth it, child, not worth it.

Let’s see, what else? Oh yeah, the whole business of the mother in law from the wife’s side not being as free in the marital house as far as visiting and sleeping over. Still unclear about that bit though. Also, my family in particular have strong ties with intermarriage, so I haven’t actually seen Luo marital traditions in action. But, I will ask around. So, well, yes. Everything here is subject to confirmation, of course, but this is what I am starting off with.

*raises imaginary glass of champagne*  So, thank you for being here on this journey of mine to find my roots, y’all. *Dances alittle* *(chants) I am going to find out moree…about where I was booorn….* Anyway…peace out, people!

From Jagombaka with love


4 thoughts on “Reclaiming the Roots

  1. I like the creativity and how you want to talk about your culture and it’s traditions …graet work keep it up


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