Dreaming of a Sleeping Bag

I don’t know how this is happening. Or when this started. All I remember about last night was crying into my lonely little pillow because I felt so alone. Passing out because I had had too much weed and it made me sleepy. And then there was a cold in my face I could not explain. It woke me up.

I must have had a damn near heart attack. It turns out that cold I felt… That cold I felt was the air speeding past me while my brother’s old, nearly threadbare sleeping bag flew me over Nairobi. I felt like I should be pulling some Aladdin sitting positions if I was going to master this…so I did. Didn’t help much. My pulse was racing as fast as the sleeping bag and I was still half mad with fear. I asked it to slow down.

It listened, and slowed considerably.

“Thank you.”

“Could you please take me closer to the ground? I need to learn how to fly with you….being this high up scares the heck out of me…..”

Again, it complied.

It occurred to me that this may actually be a great gift. If I could find a way to just learn how to fly this thing…

So, I tried to steer it. Found myself clutching its tail, hanging on as my body dangled near the top of a palm tree. Embarrassed that someone might be looking up my dress, I asked to be lowered down, and landed on some unfortunate soul. And right infront of a bank, no less!!

On the bright side, he did take it kindly and helped me back up. I worried slightly at how odd I must have looked with a flying sleeping bag to this tall, bearded bespectacled stranger. Yet he simply looked at me, not a hint of perplexity whatsoever. He sadly watched me, held on to his back pack alittle tighter, as I slowly ascended up into the heavens again. I looked back. He had resumed walking down the pedestrian’s route past Family bank.

As I turned to leave, I realized that I was in a beautiful sunfilled city that I barely recognized. Even when I saw KICC… A Dubai building towered over it, and another towered the Dubai building. Every building here was towering over another, and they all came from different parts of the world. This one sentence rung in my head.

This is the place dreams come to live or die.


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